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Specialist alarms update - Think Telecare

12th November 2021

In light of the new fire alarms standard (see article for more information), there has been some concern and confusion when specialist alarms are already in place or need to be fitted.

Traders and Alarm Installers - Think Telecare!

    • Telecare alarms carry out the critical function of connecting vulnerable people to essential services to ensure they get the help they need in the event of a fire.
    • Telecare smoke, heat and carbon monoxide devices are IN ADDITION to internally interlinked smoke alarms.
    • Telecare devices should NOT be removed during installation of new fire and CO system installations.
    • Ask your customer if they have any Telecare installed (they may also refer to this as a community alarm). If they are unsure, you can check by pressing the test button. If they are telecare alarms they will connect to the call centre, just tell the operator that you are testing the alarm.

      If in any doubt, seek professional advice from the Telecare vendor. Contact telephone numbers should located on the devices or Google the vendor name.

      Help save lives.

Specialist alarms update

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