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Highest amount of feedback awards for 2019

News: Tuesday 28 January 2020

Generating customer feedback can be a challenge for any business, human nature means we can be very quick to criticise and very slow to praise. Some traders may struggle to generate a lot of feedback purely due to the size of jobs they have and relatively few number of clients compared to other businesses.

With this in mind, we would like to thank all of our hard working traders as well as the customers that took the time and trouble to leave a review. These reviews, which are vigorously moderated, help paint a picture for local consumers and residents, allowing them to make an informed choice.

Traders with the highest positive feedback

This is something new for this year, so we are simply looking at the four schemes that have been on since January 2019, which are Edinburgh, East Lothian, Fife and Renfrewshire. Next year this will include East Renfrewshire and Angus. The results have been listed by the trader that has generated the most feedback for their scheme, in order of volume.

AMC Removals
Fife Trusted Trader
The member that accumulated the most positive reviews was AMC Removals Ltd, with 247 reviews in 2019.

"AMC Removals have been a Fife Trusted Trader since 2012 and are a well respected Fife business. The Fife Trusted Trader Scheme is an opportunity to showcase some of the hardworking and professional businesses we have in Fife, whilst giving reassurance to residents and consumers that all members have been vetted and are monitored by Fife Trading Standards."

Lisa Duncan
Lead Professional, Trading Standards Team

Celcius Plumbing
Edinburgh Trusted Trader
Celsius Plumbing and Heating led the way for Edinburgh collecting 231 positive reviews.

"Consumer feedback is critical to the success of the scheme and I thank each and every one of you that takes the time to feedback your experience of using a Trusted Trader. This then benefits so many more people in making an informed choice and helps tackles both doorstep selling and doorstep crime."

Colin Baxter
Regulatory Operations Manager, Trading Standards and Enforcement

A&K Cleaning Services
East Lothian Trusted Trader
A & K Cleaning Services generated 102 positive reviews for the East Lothian scheme.

"A & K Cleaning Services have been with the East Lothian Trusted Trader Scheme since 2017. They are a great example of the type of high calibre business we have on the scheme. East Lothian Trusted Trader was set up in 2012 to provide a list of Trading Standards vetted traders for local people. All Trusted Traders must conform to a strict code of practice to remain on the scheme."

Alex Connell
Principal Trading Standards Officer

Paisley Property
Renfrewshire Trusted Trader
Finally for Renfrewshire, Paisley Property Maintenance Ltd generated 57 positive reviews.

"Paisley Property Maintenance Ltd have been one of our Trusted Traders since the scheme started in 2012. It’s great to see years later that members continue to provide a vital service to local residents. All of our Renfrewshire Trusted Traders have been vetted by Trading Standards and conform to a strict code of practice. Members should display their Trusted Trader logos with pride and are all fine examples of the local and professional businesses we have, who are serving their local community."

Faye Wilson
Trading Standards Manger