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Lothian Buses Trusted Trader Promotion

News: Wednesday 11 April 2018

On the 2nd of April, Edinburgh Trusted Trader began a marketing campaign with Lothian Buses.

32 buses, operating out of Edinburgh based depots, are displaying rear facing Edinburgh Trusted Trader banners. This is to increase scheme awareness to local residents as well as advertise the Trusted Trader consumer helpline for those residents that don't have regular access to a computer.

Edinburgh Trusted Trader with Lothian Buses

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Lothian Buse with Edinburgh banner
Here is an image one of the team snapped yesterday. But can you do any better?

If you see any of them while you are out and about and it's safe for you to take a photo (i.e you're not driving!) we would love to see your images.

Feel free to add them to social media and let us know so we can reshare them.

On the 1st May we will choose a random winner from any of the images that are uploaded on social media and send them a £50 Amazon Gift Card.

Our Facebook page is or you can find us on Twitter at

Please use the hashtag #TrustedTrader

Update - Competition is now closed

Thank you to our winner Johan Chalmers who was picked at random by Natalie from the trusted trader admin team.