In association with Renfrewshire Council
Trusted Trader

Renfrewshire Trusted Trader vetting process

All traders have been individually vetted by Renfrewshire Trading Standards officers. This will ensure all members:
  • meet the high standards as required by the scheme
  • legally declare any and all information they have given is correct
  • agree to conform to the Code of Practice.
  • All traders are required to generate customer reviews during their membership giving consumers a means to make a judgement based on other people's feedback.

    Renfrewshire Trading Standards Officers perform a number of checks on a trader's business as well as the business owner.

    Some parts of the vetting process are mandatory and failure will mean an applicant is excluded from joining. In this case full details, along with any required changes, will be given to the trader who may be asked to apply again in the future.

    Failing other parts of the vetting process does not automatically mean a trader is excluded from joining the scheme. Trading Standards will give advice and try to assist traders to comply with the scheme, allowing them time to make improvements before continuing the application process.

    Traders that decide to withhold information or fail to answer any questions honestly, may be investigated and appropriate action taken.

    Business checks

  • check Council contractor databases
  • search for previous complaints within Trading Standards' own databases
  • check the national consumer complaints database
  • search for any ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) adjudications against the trader or their websites
  • check the trader is not going into liquidation
  • search Health & Safety Executive Public Register of Enforcement Notices
  • carry out an open web search for any negative history relating to the trader
  • inspect the trader’s documents ensuring there are no unfair terms and the wording is legal and clear
  • check compliance with the Companies Act
  • check business website compliance
  • check business social media compliance
  • check any submitted reviews to ensure they are authentic
  • check membership of any advertised trade associations
  • ensure compliance of any trade association code of practice
  • check that the business has adequate health and safety procedures in place.

  • Business owner checks

  • Companies House Director Report
  • check Disqualified Director register
  • search for any ASA adjudications against proprietor
  • confirm applicant has public liability insurance and any required employer liability insurances
  • face-to-face interview at the traders premises, including inspection of any requested documentation
  • ensure business owner understands and meets the Renfrewshire Trusted Trader Code of Practice.
  • If you would like more information about the vetting process or have any questions, please contact us.

    If you are a Renfrewshire based trader who would like join the scheme, you can start the application process by selecting the following link: apply to join.

    Limitations of the Trusted Trader scheme - information for residents

    Whilst we have put in place as many measures as we can to protect you, neither Renfrewshire Council nor Trusted Directory Services Ltd are directly involved in any agreement between you and the trader, so we cannot be held liable if things go wrong.

    Aspects of traders that have not been checked prior to approval on to the scheme:
  • quality of workmanship
  • financial status of a trader (we do check whether a trust deed is in existence or the member has been declared bankrupt in the last six years and sometimes require a credit report)
  • criminal record (although in some cases we may ask for evidence of this).
In the event of a problem or issue with a trader, the scheme can offer assistance via our customer complaint and dispute resolution process. We will always try to help to avoid matters going to court.

However, if you have a problem which you believe is criminal in nature, then this should be reported to Police Scotland. In an emergency, always dial 999, otherwise, to report a crime, dial 101.