In association with East Lothian Council
East Lothian
Trusted Trader

East Lothian Trusted Trader application process

You need to have a minimum of six months trading history.

Become Trading Standards Vetted

  • £252 incl VAT for 12 months East Lothian Trusted Trader membership
  • Risk free and fully refundable if you are unable to meet the vetting requirements
  • Your business showcased with other vetted businesses to local residents
  • Show your Trusted Trader status with official logos and marketing materials.

If you have any questions please fill in our expression of interest form and we will contact you.

Start the application

You will require about 10 minutes to complete the online application. If you get called away from your computer, your application will remain open for up to two hours, allowing you to continue on your return.

Declaration disclaimer

Please complete the following declaration questions. If you answer Yes to any of the questions you will be asked to provide further details.
  • the answers you give in this declaration will be subject to checks by Trading Standards
  • failure to answer any questions honestly will result in any agreement being ended and may result in further action being taken against you
  • answering Yes to any of the questions may not automatically prevent you from applying to join the scheme.
If you are unsure, or would like to talk to us in confidence, please telephone 0131 677 0246 during working hours.


  1. Subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders legislation, have you, any partner or director had any previous convictions or cautions; or have any legal/tribunal proceedings pending/underway?
  2. In the last six years, have you, any business partner or director:
  3. been removed or suspended from any Trusted Trader or similar scheme or from any trade body?
  4. been removed or suspended from any Council contracts or list of suppliers, anywhere in the UK?
  5. traded under any other name or been involved in the management of any other business?
  6. had any Sheriff Court decrees or County Court Judgements (CCJs) made against you?
  7. been declared bankrupt/insolvent or entered into any form of Trust Deed or individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)?
  8. had any adverse dealings with HMRC over your taxes?
  9. in any way been involved in the blacklisting of workers or treated anyone differently due to trade union membership?
  10. had any other formal action taken against you (e.g. ASBO, Enforcement order)?