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East Dunbartonshire
Trusted Trader

The East Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader scheme

Trusted Trader was launched by Dundee City Council Trading Standards in 2005. Its simple aim was to encourage local businesses to sign up to a code of practice that will give consumers confidence in the standard of service they expect to receive. The success of the scheme in Dundee has seen it become adopted across many different local authorities, all of which conform to the same standard Code of Practice.

East Dunbartonshire Trading Standards started the East Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader scheme in late 2022, joining the purpose built Scotland Trusted Trader platform, which incorporates many Trading Standards Trusted Trader Schemes.

Ross Paterson, East Dunbartonshire

Ross Paterson from East Dunbartonshire Trading Standards talks about the Trusted Trader scheme.

The East Dunbartonshire Council Trusted Trader Scheme is a local business partnership with all members fully vetted by Trading Standards, and the scheme is supported by Police Scotland.

The aims of East Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader are to:
  • increase consumer confidence
  • promote good practice within local businesses
  • help prevent doorstep crime.
Applications are invited from East Dunbartonshire based businesses or businesses who can demonstrate that a significant proportion of their work is conducted in East Dunbartonshire.

The elements of the East Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader scheme

The East Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader scheme is made up of East Dunbartonshire Council, East Dunbartonshire Trading Standards Service and Trusted Directory Services (TDS).

The Council back and oversee the scheme, with the vetting process carried out by Trading Standards Officers. Trading Standards also ensure Traders adhere to the Code of Practice and will intervene in disputes when required, providing dispute resolution advice.

TDS is responsible for scheme administration, customer service, assisting in dispute resolution and website development.